So you want to be an appraiser!
First Step:
Check out the Arizona Board of Appraisal web page. Click on "Arizona Board of Appraisal" on the left right of this page.

Send a resume but do not call.

When you ask someone to take you on as a trainee, you are asking someone to teach you how to become their competitor.

You probably want to be paid, so you are asking them to be your mentor, correct all of your mistakes, teach you everything they know, and take responsibility for your work.

It is like asking a college professor to pay you for the "privilege" of teaching you. Try that at ASU.

If you say, "But, I would do the work!" Let me respond that you write term papers in college and don't expect the professor to pay you for grading them.

An appraiser who takes on a trainee must see the property, go over the appraisal report carefully, correct the errors and take full responsibility for the report. This is much more time consuming than simply doing the report alone.

Since I have been burned badly by several trainees who promised one thing and delivered another, I am not taking on any trainees. It would have to be an exceptional person and an exceptional offer to make me change my mind.

Do not call. If you think you are this special person, write me a letter.

Arizona Board of Appraisal
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